Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bye Nat and Maxine

Nat and Maxine had a fabulous time visiting friends in Louisville. It was hard to keep up with all the places they were going. I remember that one day was a "bourbon tour" thru Bardstown - the Bourbon Capital of the World - with a stop at Heaven Hill, Jim Beam and lunch at the Old Talbot Tavern. They enjoyed Mayan Cafe for dinner, and Maxine even let everyone talk her into trying the lima beans. Seriously if you're ever in Louisville, have dinner at the Mayan Cafe and get the lima beans. Even if you don't like vegetables, get the lima beans. And if you don't like lima beans, be sure to get the lima beans. Trust me.

Soon Maxine will be the proud new owner of this umbrella. She saw mine, and had to order one. And would you believe it - two days before they were scheduled to leave town, a catalog comes in and that marvelous umbrella was on sale. "Meant to be!"

Nat and Maxine even attended the Taste of Derby Festival. And evening of food and (ahem) beverages from all of Louisville's best. Gallery House participated with our Louisville Cookies which were quite a hit! Taste of Derby Festival is a fundraiser for Dare to Care. You should attend next year! It's a great event for a great cause.

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